WDFW survey supports ranchers, lethal removal of wolves

wdfw wolf
A recent telephone survey conducted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife indicated that while some Washingtonians may accept the presence of wolves in Washington, they do not want it to be at the expense of ranchers. The survey that obtained a total of 904 responses also indicated that many Washingtonians support lethal removal of wolves.
Here are some of the survey results:
*Of those surveyed, 63 percent support some level of lethal wolf control to protect livestock compared to 28 percent who oppose it.
*Over 70 percent of those surveyed were concerned about the impact wolves night have on livestock, with 29 percent saying they were “extremely concerned” compared to 22 of total surveys percent who were “not at all concerned.”
*After wolves are removed from the state Endangered Species list, 63 percent of those surveyed support the establishment of a wolf hunting season compared to 28 percent who opposed. A Wolf hunting season to address livestock attacks or depredations was supported by 65 percent and opposed by 25 percent