Another successful banquet!


Washington State Director of Agriculture Bud Hover spoke at our Oct. 19 banquet in Moses Lake.

Many thanks to the attendees and sponsors of our 2013 CPoW Annual Meeting and Banquet last weekend! We had great financial support from businesses, informative speakers and plenty of good company to go around.

Patti Brumbach and CPoW Washington Beef Commission Representative Scott Nielsen filled us in on the Beef Check Off program; the Washington State Brand and Animal Health department gave us an update on the Animal Disease Traceability system database that is being developed and we heard from the new Washington State Director of Agriculture Bud Hover. Toni Meacham of the Washington Ag Legal Foundation filled us in on the newest challenge with the Washington State Department of Ecology, the WSU Beef Program let us know what resources are available for carcass testing and evaluation and there was very positive news from the CPoW Livestock Processor’s Cooperative Association.

One of the things we noted at the banquet in addition to the good speakers was the upcoming anniversary of CPoW in 2014. Our organization has fought many battles over the years, including better and more fair policies regarding Canadian trucks bringing cattle into the state;  beating back the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) that would have burdened producers with unnecessary regulation; for uniform policies on all cattle that will be traced through the Animal Disease Traceability program (notably the removal of a 15-head dairy exemption to the regulations) and gaining better representation for cow-calf producers through the appointment of a CPoW member to the Washington State Beef Commission. We have also successfully built a slaughter facility in Odessa, Washington that gives producers more options for marketing and selling their beef which increases overall ranch profitability:

With this history behind us, it seems that CPoW deserves a new motto: “Success through Persistence.”


Sue Lani Madsen and Willard Wolf shared about challenges and successes with the CPoW Livestock Processor’s Cooperative Association.

Below is the list of our 2013 Banquet sponsors. Be sure to stop by these businesses that support the cow-calf man:

BRONZE ($150):

Lawrence Oil

SILVER ($250):

Bill and Bev McLean (Coulee City,WA)

EPL Feed, LLC (Sumas, WA)

Washington Trust Bank (Moses Lake, WA)

Zinpro Preformance Minerals (Boardman, OR)

Norbrook Inc. (Lexena, KS)

Coastal Farm and Ranch (Albany, OR)

Boehringer Ingelheim/Courtney Kealey (Post Falls, ID)

Thomsen Insurance Inc. (Grand Coulee, WA)

St. John Hardware and Implement Company (Airway Heights,WA)

Washington State Beef Commission (Seattle, WA), donated $350

Connell Grain Growers (Connell, WA)

Connell Oil (Pasco, WA)

Leffel, Otis & Warwick, P.S. (Ritzville,WA)


*Stevens County Cattlemen (Colville, WA)

Spokane County Cattlemen (Spokane, WA)

Clifton Larson Allen (Moses Lake, WA)

Sunny Okanogan Angus Ranch (Okanogan, WA)

Range Magazine (Carson City, NV)

Big R (Corporate)

PLATINUM ($1000)

Toppenish Livestock Commission



Washington Agriculture Legal Foundation Director Toni Meacham shared about new challenges with the Washington State Department of Ecology.





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