CPoW Livestock Processors Co-op Assoc. open for business

LPCA Sign 

September 9, 2013

CPoW Livestock Processors Cooperative Association (LPCA) with a current membership of 80, harvested its first livestock on August 22nd.  The USDA inspected plant was formed by producers, to be owned and controlled by producers.  The LPCA provides only the service of USDA harvest and processing, never owning the meat products.  Member benefits include receiving  a discount over non-members in the harvesting fee and also priority over non-members in scheduling of livestock.

 President, Willard Wolf from Valleyford said “the LPCA plant will put more income back into their ranching operations and keep the next generation on the ranch.” 

 The LPCA Plant is located just south of Odessa, WA in the Industrial Park with easy access for large trucks and trailers.

The multi-species plant processes cattle, hogs, sheep and goats, and has the capacity to harvest 40 head of cattle, or the equivalent in smaller animals, per day. 

Out of the LPCA’s efforts, another company was formed called Empire Ranches (ER).  David Pendergraft is President 509-322-6473 and said “we are offering marketing services for rancher’s products to the Spokane and surrounding areas for LPCA members.”  The LPCA and ER want to bring locally bred, born and raised meat products directly to the local area consumers. 

 Treasurer, Wade King from Coulee City said “this Plant offers the producers the opportunity of another option for processing, marketing their meat products or using a meat broker all to retain more income for the producer.” 

 The LPCA hopes livestock producers will take advantage of their services and join the Co-op.  You can reach the LPCA Plant at 509-982-0115 Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 For more information, visit www.livestockprocessors.com or Facebook page http://on.fb.me.17ZQ6S8.


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